My First Day at Compassites

As most of you who would have looked me up would know, I was working at Infosys and have been doing so ever since I left college. I decided it is time to change a few things in my life, and one of those was to get a new job. A friend of mine told me about Compassites, a growing IT startup with a great vision and great leaders. I thought it was the right place for me to work in. I didn’t apply to too many places. I wasn’t interested in working in any of the IT biggies anymore. So Compassites, fit right into the place I had in mind. I was referred to the company by a kind friend, got called for the interview and I cleared it :) Infosys has a notice period of 3 months, I got my offer letter on March 7th, so I could only leave Infy by the 1st week of June. After a looong wait, the day finally arrived when I bid Infy good bye. It was a fruitful 3 years, I learnt a lot and have a lot of memories that I will cherish for life. June 10th was the day I was to step into an entirely new life.

Unlike any of my pervious work days, I got to go to office from home. Mom was busy packing, dad, my sister and myself set off to our respective offices. Being the first day I didn’t want to be late. So I left home by around 8:10. I got a bus 15 mins later. The bus journey was long, really long. By the way, I chose to travel by bus as the bike would be a really bad decision considering Bangalore’s traffic. The office is located at JP Nagar, that is a whole 50 odd mins from my place in moderate traffic! I plan on spending my time in the bus, by either reading a book, watching some videos or as a last resort sleep!

Anyways, in my offer letter, it was mentioned that I had to be in office by 9 am. But, my HR had mentioned 10am to me. So I decided to be there by 9:30. Upon entering the office, I found an old colleague of mine, who I came to know also works here only when I saw the “Join Us” page at, her pic was there. I walked into the office and met the HR, who told me to wait a little, while she got my documents ready.

I’m going to take a little time to explain to you how my first day at Infosys was, just to paint a better picture of exactly how I was feeling here today. At Infy, I was part of a batch of 700 odd trainees. We were all taken inside the famed “multiplex” at the Mysore campus. We had a host of folks addressing us, right from the HR to the security, We were screened videos of talks by Narayana Murthy, Kris Gopalakrishnan, the then CEO, etc. Well, I hardly knew the people sitting beside me, forget getting to know any of the 700 odd people from my batch!

Now back to the present, I was taken into a conference room as I was the only person to join on that day. There was a nice huge LCD TV onto which the presentation was displayed. I was walked through the history, value system, culture, etc of Compassites. I was shown a few videos of the CEO, talking about the company, its values, etc. I was then given a set of forms, which I had to review and sign. All this might sound like any other induction, the next part was what amazed me. I was taken around to every single employee and introduced to them personally. Now, this was something I least expected!!!! It was such a nice gesture. Never in my entire career, have I been introduced to everyone, even from my own floor! Everyone was very pleasant to talk to.

I was then introduced to Rahul (whom I guess I’d have called my team lead), who got me started with work. I kept meeting more and more people throughout the day, everyone were really nice. I really felt like moving from an large ocean, to a small lake. A really nice clean lake at that. I knew everyone who resided in it! :)

The people here are really smart, and I’m really looking forward to working with each and everyone of them in the months to come by.